• Identical performance to traditional ‘gravure printing‘ cylinders

    Hybrid Cylinders offer identical performance to the current traditional ‘gravure printing ‘ cylinder and (like for like) are lighter, and easier t

    More than 50% cost reduction over current gravure cylinders

    Per cylinder, the use of Hybrid Cylinders offers the gravure printer more than 50% cost reduction over traditional cylinder technology owing to its si

    Diameter variable Hybrid Cylinders reduce stored cylinder stock levels

    Diameter size variable Hybrid Cylinders offer considerable reduction of stored cylinder stocks, resulting in additonal cost savings above the initial

    Turnaround times which rival Flexo

    Hybrid Cylinders, even in combination with advanced Monolayer Nickel plating systems can be processed in any diameter size and cylinder ready for the

    Breathe Life into Redundant Gravure Printing Cylinders

    Hybrid Cylinders breathe life into redundant steel bases, offering size variability thus making new print press investment more attractive with lower

    Re-size Onsite with 94mm Size Variability

    The off the shelf nature of the Hybrid Cylinder allows for printers and/or their engravers to resize a cylinder onsite, plate it, engrave it and have

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  • About Hybrid Cylinders

    Hybrid Cylinders is a new gravure printing cylinder technology that harnesses many of the competitive advantages of flexographic printing, engineered specifically for the gravure industry.
  • Roto Hybrid Process

    Combines the Hybrid Cylinder technology to enable size variable gravure cylinders and anilox rollers with a superior cylinder coating process to replace chrome.