Hybrid Cylinders manufacturing now online

Hybrid Cylinders UK are pleased to announce that following the successful research and development of our innovative size variable gravure printing cylinder technology that the company’s first European manufacturing facility is now online.

Size Variation. Multi-Use, Quicker to Press.

The Hybrid Gravure Cylinder is a multi-use gravure printing cylinder that offers up to 100mm of size variation on circumference.

As the cylinders can be re-sized at the printer/engravers location and put into the normal gravure process within minutes, the Hybrid system dramatically reduces the time to press, with the exact size (as determined by the end user) achieved in minutes and hours, compared to days and weeks when ordering new steel.

Breathe Life into Redundant Cylinders

In addition to bringing a cost effective size variable gravure cylinder to market, further cost savings can be achieved with manufacturing our specialist material on to redundant steel gravure cylinders (i.e. bases/rollers) thus allowing gravure printers and/or their engravers to repurpose their stocks into re-usable, re-sizable gravure cylinders as opposed to scrapping old cylinders.

More Size Changes equals more cost savings

With Hybrid cylinders offering 100mm of size variation on circumference several different sized cylinders can be achieved with ease and with each size change removing the cost of new steel, the more size changes that are achieved, the greater the cost savings.

Furthermore, the Hybrid technology is compatible with existing metal plating technologies and requires no added equipment or infrastructure to re-size the cylinders once manufactured.

With the Hybrid Cylinder manufacturing facility now online we are currently focusing on expanding the product range ahead of a full market launch towards the end of 2015.

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    Hybrid Cylinders is a new gravure printing cylinder technology that harnesses many of the competitive advantages of flexographic printing, engineered specifically for the gravure industry.
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