Hybrid Cylinders set for launch in Q3 2015

hybrid-cylinders-logo-smKarm Research Group, the parent company of the Hybrid Cylinder technology is pleased to announce that following a successful research and development stage, the business is now in the final stages of bringing its European manufacturing facility online for an early Q3 market launch.

The news follows on from recent announcements to the Gravure Association of the Americas and the European Rotogravure Association events in the United States and Italy respectively at the end of Q1 where the technology was positively received.

The Hybrid Cylinder technology has been undergoing in-market testing for several months and its initial market introduction will see the company’s size variable gravure printing cylinder made available to both the European gravure markets and export markets outside of the EU.

End User Size Variation. Quicker to Press.

The Hybrid Cylinder technology has been sophisticatedly researched & designed to enable the re-use of either existing gravure printing cylinders or newly commissioned light weight alternatives which are crucially diameter/circumference size variable, as required by the end user. The technology is compatible with all metal plating technologies and requires no added equipment or infrastructure.

This novel and innovative Hybrid Cylinder technology has been in receipt of a number research and development grant awards from Innovate UK, formerly, The Technology Strategy Board, established by the UK government to support innovative businesses in order to accelerate sustainable economic growth and Q2 sees the successful completion of the latest research grant as the business moves into commercialisation of the technology.

For further details and to receive pricing indications please email sales@hybridcylinders.com

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